Working myself out of a job

It is so important to teach our kids life skills. To give them a taste of daily real life. Can I get an ‘Amen!’?  Ok, I’ll give you that…sometimes it’s just easier to do it myself. I get that. I do that. What part of momhood is easy?  Um, I vote none.


Dirty, messy cuteness abounds.  They get older and a little less dirty, but sometimes the mess remains.  One day they will have their own place to call home.  (Yes, they will.  And it will feel like it went by in a blink.)  Let’s love our kids now by not letting them face a crisis of ‘why isn’t my apartment cleaning itself?’ once they’re on their own.  Let’s get ourselves organized.  Do what works for you, but have a plan.  I like to split up my weekly cleaning/chores.  Monday is laundry and break-making.  Tuesday is putting away laundry and dusting.  Wednesday is trash/recycling collection, clean out pet cages and brush those fat cats. (Yes, actual cats.  Actual cats that are fat.)

You get the idea.

chore list

It’s not really the way you organize it that matters.  Just have a plan.


Give them a job and a deadline.  Make sure their job fits their age.  Write it down on a pretty chart.  Or don’t. Follow through until it’s done.  Don’t get frustrated and just do it for them.  My kids help with something each day.  Even if I have to make stuff up.  My two oldest girls do ALL their own laundry.  Yay, me!  Oh, ya, yay them!

empty dryer

I see one part of my job as working myself out of a job.  Gradually giving them more and more responsibility for their own care and upkeep.  So, my loads of laundry have gotten smaller instead of growing.  That is huge when you have teen and preteen girls.  They never complain about something not being clean when they want it!  My youngest is 8.  Her job is to make sure her dirty clothes get to the laundry room on Monday, fold and put away her clean clothes.

folded clothes

We’re doing them a favor.  And, we’re doing ourselves a favor.  Win-win!  What jobs are your kids responsible for?  If you don’t know where to start, start with prayer.  Our perfect, loving, heavenly Father wants to give us parenting advice.  Just ask Him.  Read His word.  Seek wise counsel from others who have already traveled this path.  Lean on Him and use the resources and gifts He has provided.


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