Starting Over

Recently, I said goodbye to two old pals.  These friends were always so reliable.

Well, there have been a couple times over the last 14 years–since we first met–that I couldn’t count on them.  More on that later.

Every time we met I was filled with a gamut of emotions.  But mostly gratitude.  More than anything, my friends lightened my load.  We were comfortable around each other.  I could cry.  Pray boldly.  And talk to myself.  All without embarrassments.  No judgements.  I was always met with a simple acceptance.

We usually got together once a week and spent the whole day together.  There were times on other days when we would meet.  Times when I just needed a quick meet-up.  That’s real life.

Lately, my two friends have not really been there for me when I was in need.  No reliability.  Forget consistency.  Friends come and go, right?  It was time to go.

It’s never easy to start over after so many years.  And, well, this may sound callous, but I just wasn’t having my needs met anymore.  The relationship became a drain.  I know.  I was expecting a lot.  It’s just that recently each day we’ve spent together has ended with me being frustrated.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to get a new…




Washer and Dryer


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