The Cure for Hiccups

This is no joke, my friends. I really think I found the cure. Ok, well, it works for me. And my kids. My husband just patted me on the back when I excitedly told him. Ya, he’ll appreciate my discovery. One day soon.

This is major ‘Life Hack’ material here. But it’s really pretty simple. And, yes, I’m going to tell you. I really am curious if it will work for others. I’ve tried other ‘cures’ and nothing has worked so consistently. Every time. It really works.

The next time you get hiccups, do this:

1. Take a deep breath…fill those lungs.

2. Hold. Your.  Breath. Do not inhale or exhale.

3. While holding your breath, swallow. Yep, swallow…at least two times. Three, if you can manage it before you need another breath.

4. Exhale and, hopefully, enjoy a hiccup-free next breath.

There’s a good chance you happened upon this post because you have hiccups now. Try it out and let me know if it worked for you.





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