Hi, friend! Welcome to Why I Lean!  My name is Heidi.  Mostly my life is filled with my roles as wife and mom.  I LEAN on Jesus as my savior and source of strength, hope, inspiration, etc. because I’ve realized I don’t have it all together.  (Surprise, surprise.)  I want to be transparent about the reality of life’s difficulties while pointing others to Jesus. I want to be honest, hopefully with humor you get, and share my heart…whether helpful tips, homemade recipes or matters of the heart.  Will you join me in learning to be real, offering a helping hand and leaning on Jesus through it all?
to lean:
  1.  to incline, deviate, or bend from a vertical position; to cast one’s weight to one side for support

  2.  to rely for support or inspiration

  3. to incline in opinion, taste, or desire



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